State Bank approached MadAveGroup in 2017 seeking help with a marketing plan that would grow its business.

So, after weeks of research and discovery, we put together a full plan that touched every one of State Bank’s business lines.

Then, Design2Influence redesigned the bank’s website, and contributed to a few of the bank’s campaigns, including “Take the Next Step,” which involved giving away a free pair of blue Converse® Chuck Taylor shoes to customers who opened a new checking account.

The iconic sneakers were featured in all the advertising. Each employee received a pair of Chucks, too, and wore them at the banking centers to raise awareness of the campaign. We even designed flyers to go in each box of employee shoes, explaining that the promotion was meant to build a team mentality, assist others, have fun, and be “an All Star.”

Design2Influence took the “Take the Next Step” promotion and ran with it, using it in ads for State Bank’s mobile app and rewards checking.

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