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Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:26

Michael Seay - Director

American Advertising FederaMichael Seay is the Director of two MadAveGroup agencies: SensoryMax and design2influence (d2i).

He's also the Governor of the American Advertising Federation's District 5, which includes Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

“I guide the direction of our Executive Board and work to see that our District's responsibilities are a success,” said Seay. Those responsibilities include producing the District 5 ADDY Awards, the National Student Advertising Competition, and the District Leadership Conference.

“I also ensure that information from AAF National is communicated to local ad clubs and individual members.”

Members of the AAF National Board of Directors focus on industry issues, including diversity and multiculturalism, governmental affairs, and ethics in advertising, as well as the recognition of excellent creative work.

Seay has attended “Day on the Hill” in Washington D.C., meeting with legislators about the issues facing the advertising industry. He stays involved in the latest discussions by meeting with a wide array of advertising professionals, from the leaders of the largest agencies, to individual freelancers. He's also led workshops and participated in ADMERICA, the AAF's national conference.

“Not only do I enjoy representing our agency on the board of the largest association in the advertising industry, but my position allows me to stay educated about everything related to advertising. It's an elite group - maybe only 120 people. But I'm exposed to a network of industry leaders, and I contribute to the conversation on many topics, including creative work and social and governmental issues.”


Thoughts About Michael

"It's because of great industry leaders like Michael Seay that the AAF can operate important initiatives, events, and centers across the country for our industry. Michael has been a respected leader in our organization at the local, district and national levels. It's why he was elected to our national board. He has the respect of his peers. He's a creative thinker, a talented leader, and a super nice guy as well." - James Edmund Datri, President & CEO / American Advertising Federation


Forbes Agency CouncilAn integral member of our team since 1993, Scott is an award-winning copywriter with a talent for simplifying brand messages and developing humorous content. He’s also a skilled voiceover professional, as well as a video and audio producer / director.

Through the MadAveGroup blog, Scott reinforces our agency’s perspective and shares sound marketing and customer experience principles. When speaking to audiences, he focuses on branding, content creation, using humor in marketing content, and exploring the question “who cares?”

Forbes Agency Council

Scott is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. published his article, Highlight Your Humanity to Help Your Brand Stand Out, and he's contributed to the these articles on the Forbes website:


Thoughts About Scott 

“May I have your permission to send your article to a few of our top business customers? We are a small community bank in North Carolina and I would like to share your message with them. Thanks so much!” - Michele Grady, Marketing Director / KS Bank, Inc.


“I am hard pressed to challenge any of [these ideas] based on your reputation and experience. I will run it by the team. I think it’s great.” - Joanna Hunter, Marketing / Kingston Healthcare


“Thank you for your participation in our Networking Fair. I could listen to you speak all day.” - Denise Grupp-Verbon, Fine & Performing Arts / Owens Community College


“I really enjoy your blog posts. Good information.” - Sue Shepich, Marketing Director / Marshall Music