What You Should Know About Us

Best Employers in OhioWe always want to meet creative types. Problem solvers. Relationship builders. People who embrace the challenges of marketing and find value in the type of work we do for our clients.

When people enjoy what they do and where they do it, they do what they do better and with more passion. So, if you’re interested in joining our team, it’ll be just as important to us that you love who we are as an agency and as a workplace.

What Defines the MadAveGroup Vibe?

“I like the non-corporate environment, the authentic dialogue, and the family-first mentality. The company always allows you to put you first.”

Brett Molnar, Marketing Manager

Mad Ave VolleyballWe’re loose and comfortable, but serious about what we do. You’ll see a dog or two walking around the office, or a couple of guys throwing a ball down a hallway just as often as you’ll see glowing client testimonials being shared with the entire staff via email.

When you're having fun, coming to work is a pleasure. And when work is a pleasure you commit to it every day. Sure, our employees benefit from our environment, but our clients do, too.

Your Opinion Matters

Our corporate ladder is more like a stepladder. That means you’ll have easy access to everyone else in the building, no matter what their title.

“One of the reasons I like Mad Ave Group is that I have the ability to propose change and have my voice heard. Everyone’s opinion is valued within our organization, and we’re able to bounce ideas off anyone without worry.”

Brian Burk, Senior Account Manager

As a small company, we not only welcome everyone’s input, we expect it. You can grow ideas and affect change here, for our clients and our agency. That’s good news if making a difference is important to you.

“You help make this part of my job easier and our department look good. Thank you for the consistently excellent service.”

Marian Wasilko
Medical Mutual

Looking Forward - and Backward - In Order to Get Better

Jerry Brown ADDY AwardsYes, the world of marketing is constantly changing, so we’re always thinking about what’s new and possible.

But there are core principles of sales, communication, customer service, and even writing and design that will always be important. We spend time both developing the new ideas and reinforcing the basics.

Nice Extras

Like exotic, all-expenses-paid vacations? There’s one available each year to our team members who meet their individual benchmarks. It’s called Presidents Club, and it’s a very popular perk around here.

Like to work out? We have an on-site gym. You get up to an hour each workday to use it. And when you meet certain goals during our quarterly fitness days, you’ll win money and, quite possibly, bragging rights.

Like food? You’ll enjoy our annual chili cook-off, pancake breakfast, wienie roast, and holiday pot luck lunches, as well as our monthly birthday treats.

Throw in the family Christmas party, our annual Kick-Off Meeting and after-party, the occasional Mud Hens game, and other assorted fun throughout the year, and you’ll begin to see why we were named one of the best places to work in Ohio.

“This company is like family to me. I absolutely love going into work every day. It’s always a positive environment. And I like the fact that I can go to anyone and feel comfortable talking to them. I work with extremely talented people who I learn from every single day.”

Charley Hobbs, Web Engineer