Point-of-Entry Marketing

MadAveGroup helps you create positive experiences with everyone who enters your organization; whether they call you on the telephone, visit your website, or walk through your front door.

The most awarded Point-of-Entry Marketing professionals in the world, we develop and manage custom, comprehensive, and consistently refined marketing programs that help you build customer share, increase customer retention, and reinforce your brand identity.

We are not a one-time fix. We provide long-term, highly creative and well-executed Point-of-Entry Marketing solutions for those who share our passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

"Since bringing almost all of our digital marketing and on hold services to the MadAveGroup, we have noticed a substantial increase in traffic across many platforms. Plus, with the multiple companies working together, we are able to create cohesive strategic plans at a substantial amount of savings. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take their company to the next level in the digital sphere."

Dan Trzeciak, Marketing Director
Levin Tire and Service Center

10 Reasons Point-of-Entry Marketing Is So Important

Reason #1

Always Reach Your Most Important Target Audience - Your Existing Customers and Interested Prospects.

Broadcast, print, outdoor, or any other traditional advertising can’t guarantee every impression it makes will be on a viable prospect or customer.  But Point-of-Entry Marketing can.  While your traditional advertising may only reach the eyes or ears of your targeted audience one out of a thousand times (or less), P.O.E.M will make impressions only on interested prospects and customers 100% of the time.

Reason #2

Always Reach Your Prospects and Customers When They’re in the Right Frame of Mind to do Business with You.

When it comes to marketing, or any type of communication for that matter, there is something to be said for timing.  Your audience is either ready to listen to and possibly act upon your message, or they’re not.  P.O.E.M influences prospects and customers who have taken the time to seek you out.  And it’s especially important to reach buyers during business or shopping hours; when they have their hands on their wallets and they’re ready to do business with you.

Reason #3

Make Invaluable Marketing Impressions on Every Person Who Enters Your Company – EVERY SINGLE ONE.

There is no other method of marketing that can make that claim.  Digital marketing can’t.  Direct marketing can’t.  And print, broadcast and outdoor advertising can’t.  Only Point-of-Entry Marketing makes an impression on every single person who enters your company – whether they call you on the telephone, visit your website, or walk through your front door.

Reason #4

Pick up Where Your Traditional Outbound Marketing Leaves Off, by Providing a Consistent Transition “into” Your Organization.

How many times have you been impressed by a company’s marketing and advertising only to be completely let down when you actually followed through and contacted the organization; maybe it was a poorly designed website, a cluttered lobby, or a frustrating telephone system.  P.O.E.M helps you keep from wasting the goodwill your outbound marketing builds. 


Reason #5

Reinforce Your Brand Identity.

Can you think of a better opportunity to reinforce your brand identity than during the thousands of hours a year your customers are spending on hold, perusing your website, or shopping in your store?

Reason #6

Expand Top-of-Mind Awareness of Your Products and Services.

How many of your customers aren’t aware of everything you do.  I’d be willing to bet it’s the majority of them.  People are bombarded with information on a non-stop basis every day.  As a marketer you know that to get your message to stick with a prospect or customer, you have to repeat it over and over.  Each time a customer is on your website, or visits your store, or calls you on the telephone is a great time to reinforce awareness of your products and services.

Reason #7

Improve Your Call-to-Action or Direct Response Marketing.

I once called a car dealer to get a price on tires for a car I had at the time.  They were too expensive and I ended up getting them elsewhere.  But during the call I was put on hold and heard about a “winterization special” that sounded like a great deal.  I got the work done and was so pleased with the service I ended up buying my next car from them.  Don’t underestimate the power of using the time your customers wait on hold, stand in your lobby, or read through your website to ask them to take action.

Reason #8

Increase Impulse Purchases.

There are some pretty reliable sources that claim up to 90% of all sales are made on impulse at the point-of-purchase.  I can’t tell you the last time I went into a grocery store to buy a gallon of milk that I came back out with just a gallon of milk!

Reason #9

Increase Your Customer Share and Retention.

Have you ever heard a customer say “I didn’t know you did that”?  Hopefully it wasn’t right after they told you they were switching to a competitor because of the competitor’s more complete breadth of service offerings.  The more products and services you provide a customer, the more valuable your relationship is perceived to be and the less susceptible your customer is to competitors.  And one of the best ways to get the word to your customers about all you do is through Point-of-Entry Marketing. 

Reason #10

Spend Less Money - Unlike Traditional Marketing, with P.O.E.M., the Medium is FREE!

The cost to produce a radio or television commercial, a newspaper or magazine advertisement, or a pay-per-click ad or online video can be expensive.  But it is nowhere close to the amount of money you have to spend to actually run an ad.  Media can be ridiculously expensive.  With P.O.E.M, you still have to pay to create the content.  But the media is free.  Whether you’re telecasting messages to your callers, store casting specials to your shoppers, or using your website to impart information to those visiting you online; there are no expensive fees to pay.  Because you own the media.