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Account Executive

The position of Account Executive is one which offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity in a continually expanding industry.

We're looking for candidates with solid business skills who excel at working with Director and C-Level Marketing Executives. Candidates should be intelligent, assertive, and goal-oriented individuals who exhibit great communication skills and strong consultative selling aptitudes. They should be conceptual thinkers who can also be detail focused. They should have sound tactical and strategic selling skills. And they should be hard workers who possess an entrepreneurial spirit with an overwhelming drive to succeed.

Candidates will be expected to provide documentation boasting a multiple-year career in successful outside sales of marketing or other related intangible services.


Reports to: Director of Account Management

Focus: Account Management, Penetration and Retention

Territory: Unlimited

Possible Locations: Denver, Colorado / Roanoke, Virginia / Toledo, Ohio

Compensation: Salary and commission, as well as performance, fitness, and travel bonuses

Target Income Range: $50,000 - $200,000


  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Professional Development Training Programs
  • Fitness Programs
  • Director's Club
  • President's Club All-Expense-Paid Vacations


Please email your resume and cover letter to