Alison Miller


For five years, Allie worked as a Commercial Lines Account Manager with an independent insurance agency.

“When someone brings a problem to me, I get very focused on solving it,” she said. As an example, Allie once went to bat for a client when his landlord tried to make him pay for damages that he didn’t cause. “I tracked down a copy of the lease agreement, contacted the landlord myself and provided an in-depth explanation as to why my client wasn’t responsible, highlighting the relevant clauses of the contract.” Allie said the landlord’s insurance provider ended up paying for the damages, “which saved my client thousands of dollars.”

In a lot of ways, her current role as Client Relationship Manager is very similar. “I spend time getting to know my clients’ businesses and their industries. I’m here to build relationships with our clients, uncover their problems and provide solutions.”

Born and raised in Bryan, Ohio, Allie helped to start a local Business Networking International (BNI) chapter and served as its vice president.

Outside the office, Allie spends time with her family and enjoys golfing, reading and puzzles.

Alison Miller

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