Alexis Stock


Alexis joined our team in April of 2021, a few years after earning her Associate's degree in Business Administration and an Associate's degree in Culinary Skills and Management from Monroe County Community College.

She still finds baking to be her creative outlet. "I enjoy coming up with unique flavors, figuring out how to achieve the desired outcome and then decorating the food. It's rewarding to see everything come together."

That sounds a lot like what we do at MadAveGroup - combining different ingredients to produce specific results, continually adding flavors and textures that make the entire presentation more appealing.  

Alexis said, "Marketing is so important for the growth and health of your company. It lets the world know who you are and what your brand stands for. I like being a part of an agency that helps people succeed and realize their dreams."

While away from the office, Alexis enjoys taking small weekend trips with her friends and family.

In 2017, she won the coveted title of Best Mom. "At least that’s what the mug my daughter gave me says."

Alexis Stock

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