Nicole Jaeger


"As a marketeer, I help people solve their problems, so I need to believe in the company I work for and the quality of the solutions we can provide," said Nicole.

"I want to make sure that everyone I serve knows that I care about them personally first and professionally second, and that I’m doing the right thing for them."

Nicole likes to apply a metaphor about light to marketing. "In a large room, a flashlight can’t make much of an impact. But when that light is focused, you get a laser that will cut steel. I believe a focused marketing program has the same potential. I love helping people find their target market. That can be scary for people who want to sell to everybody. But when we focus the effort on their target, they can see dramatic results."

When she served as Community Engagement Director for a local Chick-fil-A staff, Nicole was selected by Chick-fil-A corporate to assist with the opening of new stores throughout the country. "I have a passion for professional development," she said. "I would fly into a city for a week, help train the new staff and make sure each new store got off to a good start." If you’re at all familiar with Chick-fil-A, you know how the company prioritizes delivering exceptional customer experiences. That’s a philosophy Nicole embraces, too.

Nicole earned her Business Administration and Marketing degree from Siena Heights University. She’s active in her son’s Boy Scout troop and her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She’s played French horn for more than 20 years and is learning Spanish and American Sign Language.

Nicole Jaeger

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