Larry Lincoln


“Most of the meetings I have with future or current clients result in wide-open discussions about new or better ways to promote, sell or distribute their products or services,” said Larry.

As a Business Marketing Strategist with MadAveGroup, he draws on his decades of experience in the telecommunications and energy industries, and in a multi-channel distribution network when he worked with wholesalers, retailers, agents and jobbers. “The basic challenges that businesses face don't really change all that much, but the pace of business and technology do.”

Larry’s numerous awards for sales production speak to his ability to uncover client needs and find solutions. "I like to say that if you put smart, creative, dedicated people in a room, they'll figure it out.” In fact, Larry has brought on several of our key accounts, while establishing records in many sales categories. He is a master sales and business development strategist.

An avid baseball fan, Larry follows the Cleveland Indians. He also enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time.

Larry Lincoln

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