Brianna Budd


Brianna is a traveler. “I’ve been to more places outside the U.S. than inside,” she says. Her adventures include a three-month stay in Perugia, Italy. “I think it’s given me a unique perspective on what’s going on in the world, and makes it easier to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.”

And making connections aligns with her passion for helping others. Brianna’s mission trips and volunteer work with the homeless community are her way of “making people’s lives better.”

That commitment extends to her professional life, too. “I’ve always worked in customer service-focused industries. I want to see my clients become successful and make a difference in their lives.” Brianna’s career path has included work as a licensed life and health insurance broker.

She earned a Marketing and Business Administration degree from Lourdes University in 2019. She’s now working toward her MBA through the University of Cincinnati and will graduate with a certificate in Market Research.

Brianna’s personal life includes her husband Hamish, two cats, a dog and a love of sports. (She played college lacrosse.)

“I’m a Toledo native. I love this city. Yes, I enjoy traveling and exploring the world, but I always like coming back home to Toledo.”

Brianna Budd

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