Brian Burk


“I focus on sharing new ideas with our clients to help them meet their marketing and advertising goals,” said Brian.

Those ideas are rooted in his years of training, experience and success with MadAveGroup. They come from reading, too. “I read a lot. Old books, new books, trade publications. We have just as much to learn from Peter Drucker and Napoleon Hill as we do from the marketers generating ideas today.”

Brian earned his degree in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Toledo, but after hearing MadAveGroup CEO Jerry Brown speak to several of his classes, he had a change of heart. Brian joined our team in 2008 as an Account Manager and has since earned the title of Top Sales Representative five times.

His philosophy: “If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Work until the work is done. And when it’s done, make one more phone call, ask one final question, take one final step to ensure the client is happy and their expectations are being exceeded. Then go back to reading.”

“The best part of my role at MadAveGroup is getting to interact with a wide variety of people, from clients to colleagues. I enjoy working with each of them every day.”

Brian is responsible for one of our favorite stories. “A client was telling me about Christmas recipes her grandmother had passed down to her. Then she mentioned one recipe that required PET Evaporated Milk. Since moving to California, she couldn’t find PET in any of her local stores, and no matter what brand she tried to substitute, the taste never came close to what she remembered. Since I live in Ohio, I knew I could find PET at my grocery store. So, I bought several cans of the product and shipped them to her. Since she had no idea that I had sent the evaporated milk, she was completely surprised when it arrived in time for her holiday cooking. She was so happy that she called to thank me, and I’ll never forget what she said: ‘YOU SAVED CHRISTMAS!’”



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"I have been working with Brian Burk for more than two years now. He has been my advocate and ally since day one of my job at Preferred Living. He always works to satisfy the needs of clients first and helps resolve challenges timely and effectively. His patience, ability to meet and exceed high expectations and problem-solving skills make him a trustworthy and dependable business partner for my company and me."

Celeste Rechner
Preferred Living

"Let me again thank you so much for following up on my technical issues so quickly today. Your blazing fast responsiveness is truly appreciated."

Synthia Bryant, New Media Producer/System Promotions
Henry Ford Health System