Valerie Likens


Since joining our team in early 1994, Val has held a number of positions, from CSR and Production Manager, to Director of Account Management, to her current role as Executive Vice President of Fulfillment. She has also been a shareholder for many years.

Val’s ability to multi-task allows her to serve both our clients and account management staff efficiently, while managing our production and fulfillment teams as well. She’s also able to see all angles of any situation, which makes her an effective mediator and decision maker.

Val has overseen most of BusinessVoice's and SensoryMax's larger projects, including nationwide equipment installations and key and major account program roll-outs. She also developed many of our client service and order fulfillment processes and procedures.

While she holds an Associate's degree in Business Management, Val has continued her education through various professional development opportunities. She and her husband have two children.


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"Valerie, you have been such an asset to the Mitsubishi team."

Mikel Montoya