Michael Seay


Michael enjoys building relationships, so it should come as no surprise that he loves his work. As Director of SensoryMax, Michael helps to create stronger bonds between brands and consumers. He and his team achieve that by developing a more complete sensory experience, one that uses Aroma Marketing, as well as Audio and Video Marketing.

“The concept of Sensory Marketing is exploding,” said Michael. “And with our expertise and best practices, we can give brand leaders the edge they’re looking for.” 

Under Michael's direction, SensoryMax was named the 2014 Scent Marketer of the Year by the Scent Marketing Institute.

Michael is also the Director of Design2Influence (d2i). That's our branding, advertising and design agency. In that capacity, he works closely with influential designer Terry Lesniewicz

Since 1999, Michael has put together a strong portfolio of B2B marketing and advertising achievements. He combines an expert understanding of marketing with an ability to ask unique questions and a passion for building brands. 

One of Michael's strengths is his ability to analyze a client's advertising needs and develop creative solutions. He also has a real knack for recognizing public relations opportunities.

A current member of the American Advertising Federation's Fifth District board, Michael has served as President and board member of the Toledo chapter of the AAF. He was the Chairman and State Board Member of Prevent Blindness Ohio, and has served on many other non-profit boards and committees.

Recognized by the Lucas County, Ohio Commissioners and others for his volunteerism, Michael was the winner of the 2009 Junior Achievement Bronze Leadership Award, and is a two-time recipient of the President’s Award from the Toledo Chapter of the American Advertising Federation.


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"Working with Michael Seay and his team has been a blast. Michael willingly shares his ideas and creative genius. His sense of ensuring that the client is happy with the final product goes beyond what is expected. Michael's commitment to Toledo Public Schools has not gone unnoticed. He puts the ‘tap-tap’ in TPS Proud."

Patty Mazur, Executive Director - Communications
Toledo Public Schools Educational Campus


"If you are looking for Sensory Marketing, especially video & aroma, you really need to talk with Michael L. Seay and Bob Seybold from SensoryMax. They are a great team and so easy to work with. I would recommend them to any of you."

Cindy Hauff (via Facebook), Marketing Director
H.O.T. Graphics