Brad Timofeev


 “You get it.”

“You understand me.”

“You know what you’re doing.”

Those are the types of compliments that mean the most to Brad. And since he’s so good at breaking down the barriers that keep most people from understanding digital marketing, he hears those types of comments often.

“I’m a problem solver,” he says. “I like to think I can solve any problem. Even if it’s not on the first try, our clients know they can count on us to stay on it and come up with a great solution.”

It’s that commitment to continually uncovering ideas and answers that keeps our digital marketing clients happy.

Brad is considered a digital marketing thought leader who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo. He's presented many seminars along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest. Tire Review Magazine has also called on Brad to provide insight on digital marketing topics for their readers.

“You did a wonderful job of explaining the campaign, how it’s working, and what we’re doing. I think you made it incredibly easy to follow and understand, and you and your team are delivering some great results.” - Camille Soukup, Marketing Consultant / Foundry26

Shortly after joining the WebArt team in 2009, Brad began developing a passion for the art of communication and consumer behavior traits. That led him to define innovative and practical digital marketing strategies that have generated positive ROI for our clients, and quickly elevated him to lead WebArt's Digital Marketing division.

Brad also emphasizes the difference between “I want” and “I need.” In a world that changes so rapidly, it’s common for marketers to want the newest shiny toy. “But it’s not always what they need,” he says. “IP targeting is a good example. Yeah, it’s really exciting that you can direct your message at individual people in their homes, but we have to think that solution all the way through before we pull the trigger. That person browsing online in his living room is not in the same frame of mind as he might be when he’s at work. He may not be nearly as receptive to your B-to-B pay-per-click ad at 9pm like he might be at 9am.”

“This is fantastic! So proud of the progress you all have made in one year. Pretty darned awesome.” - Sarah Huddle, President / Albright Group

Brad holds certifications in Digital Sales, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yelp, Yext and more. In addition to his role at MadAveGroup and WebArt, he serves as a digital advisor for many marketing agencies across the region.


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"We're impressed with your approach to this work. Your emails and comments consistently show a real understanding of the program, which could only come from taking the time to dig into the details."

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