Zak Payne


"Software development is one of today's most unique and exciting fields," said Zak. "It's like engineering, except engineers can't just tear down a bridge if they dont like the look of it. As a software developer, though, I can tweak or rebuild a product many different ways if I'm not happy with it. It really allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility."

A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Zak earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Software Engineering in 2018.

He was one of only three students who earned invaluable experience by working for BG's computer science department as a consultant. (Learn more about the program here.)

"Web is everything these days," said Zak. "We can all pull out our phones and get instant access to any company, so having an amazing website that's available to everyone is basically step one now. It's a must."

Zak enjoys video games, board games and card games, and spending time with his fiance and two dogs.

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