Terry Maxx


“When I was teaching at the college level, I’d have my students evaluate their work and then ask them, ‘Would you hire you?’”

“I ask myself the same question all the time,” said Terry. “It forces me to hold my work to a high standard.”

It’s an approach that requires brutal honesty and the willingness to analyze the work, even with a looming deadline. “But that’s how we get better,” said Terry.

His favorite quote is a lyric from a Slipknot tune: The only way is all the way. “I believe that,” said Terry.

And his favorite type of work? “I’m a brand watchdog. There’s real value in maintaining a consistent brand. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy working here. I know there’s a good, solid team around me, ready to take our clients’ branding efforts to the next level.”

A graduate of both the University of Toledo and Northwest State Community College, Terry brings more than three decades of marketing and design experience to MadAveGroup. He’s worked in the agency world and on the client side, as a freelancer, and as an educator.

In his spare time, Terry loves playing guitar.

Terry Maxx

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