Website Trouble 250Do you find yourself in one of these two groups?

1) You think your company's website is just fine the way it is. You don't have time to pay attention to it anyway. And no, it doesn't generate traffic, leads or sales, but it's not on fire or hurting anyone, so you'd rather not talk about it.


2) You know your website is under-performing and that it's a poor representation of your brand identity. Each day that it remains online, the stench of missed opportunity grows ever more pungent in your marketing-centric nostrils. Yet, you don't have the time to commit to a new site either.

Whether you're a member of group one or group two - or an invisible third group that defies description - you should read "The Cost (and Value) of Your Website." You'll learn why a more effective site is well worth the investment and that – hurray! – you don't have to take on the full-time job of running the thing. It's good news all around, really.

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