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Monday, 07 August 2006 15:50

What's The Hurry?

Written by Bob Seybold
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Have you ever received a voicemail message that you had to replay over and over and over again in order to decrypt the a name or phone number that went flying past you at warp speed?

Keep that painful experience in mind the next time you leave a message and use the "pause" button in your voice.

You...don' take a quick beat between your first name and last name and use the hyphens that are part of every telephone number to add some short pauses. Make it "419...473... 9000...extension 333," instead of "fouroneninefourseventhreeninethousandextensionthreethirtythree."

I know you might repeat your name and telephone number dozens of times a day in messages, but the person you are calling only wants to hear it once - and clearly too. When it comes to leaving messages, the race to receive a callback isn't necessarily won by the swift.

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