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Want to Get Noticed? Get Different!

Written by Scott Greggory
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It can be very easy to fall into the rut of marketing your company the safe way; the way you've always done it; the way for which nobody can get blamed or criticized for thinking differently.

But, one of the primary goals of marketing is to separate your brand from the crowd, and you won't do that by thinking and executing like everyone else.

That's what I assume Brandon Stuard thinks anyway. He's a Toledo man who used a digital billboard to try to get a job for his wife, Holly.

When months of the usual job-hunting tactics didn't pay off for her, Brandon (pictured above) had a billboard created that highlighted the value she could bring to a company. It included an email address so prospective employers could reach her. It cost him $700.

You could argue that using a billboard for that purpose was wasteful, as a relatively small number of people traveling down that road may have been in a position to hire Holly, but his efforts produced a very nice residual effect.

A local TV station covered the story behind the billboard, on air and online. At least one area radio station dedicated time to it in morning drive. The story earned a mention on NPR's Morning Edition, a national radio program. And a quick Google search of "Brandon Stuard" retrieves dozens of sites that picked up the unique story, including the Huffington Post and ABC News.

That media exposure adds up to far more than the $700 Brandon invested, and it increased his wife's exposure to potential employers exponentially. So much for wastefulness.

And all of this buzz began because someone thought to approach his audience in a different away.

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