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Want New Insight? Look for a New Point of View

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Boggle 1 Crop

Have you ever played Boggle?

The idea of the game is to make as many words as possible by "connecting" the letters on the dice that are touching each other.

As an experiment, take a minute or two to see how many words you can find using the image on the left.

We played Boggle for many months at my house. Then, one day, we added a twist.

Now, about halfway through each game, we spin the container that holds the dice 180 degrees.

And it never fails.

Once our view of the dice changes, we all start to see words we hadn't seen before. Give it a try: Do you spot any new words in the "twisted" view of the dice below?

Boggle 2 CropAs a new year begins, I urge you to "spin the dice." Change how you look at your marketing goals, obstacles, tools, content and style to see if there are any interesting possibilities hiding right beneath your nose.

A few ideas:

  • Throw a wrench into how or where you conduct marketing meetings. Changing the day, time, format, length or location of your meetings can add new life to them. Remove the chairs once so everyone has to stand. Does that affect the energy in the room? Hold your next marketing meeting at an art museum, in a beautiful park, or right after taking a tour of a client's facility.

  • Add a few new temporary members to the team, even if they aren't technically marketing people. You never know who may come up with a game-changing idea or identify problems or solutions that you've never considered. In a few months, switch out that first group of temporary marketers with another batch to keep the unique input coming.

  • Try looking at your clients differently this year. You may work directly with them every week, but they still might be your greatest untapped source of new revenue. What else do they need - and how can you meet those needs? What other marketing channels can you use to communicate with them? How can you leverage your client relationships to appeal to each client's extended business network?

Sometimes, the most obvious answers are right in front of you. It may only take a fresh perspective for those answers to reveal themselves.

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