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Monday, 15 August 2011 20:00

Using Online Video to Promote Your Company

Written by Scott Greggory
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Web Video FilmingPeople love video. Need proof? When was the last time you stared at the radio for a few hours?

Need more proof? Then check out these big numbers from

3 billion - The number of videos watched each day on YouTube.

35 - Total number of video hours uploaded to YouTube every minute.

186 - The number of online videos the average American Internet user watches per month.

2+ billion - The number of videos watched each month on Facebook.

“What’s the point?” you ask. One of the first rules of advertising is to put your message where your audience will see it. A logical addendum to that rule would be “deliver your message in a format your audience enjoys and responds to.” Clearly, video is one of those formats.

Today’s simple, affordable technology and the many online distribution channels make it relatively easy to produce your video and push it out for the world to see, but take another look at those numbers up above.

The very stats that make video a no-brainer as a message delivery format can also be a bit intimidating. How can you expect your video to attract a huge audience and make a lasting impression when it’s competing with billions of others for your customers’ attention?

You can’t.

Hundreds of cable channels caused the broadcast TV networks’ audience to splinter in recent years. Likewise, your video will be one of many (and many and many), so when you post it online, maintain realistic expectations about its reach and impact.

A few other suggestions:

1) Think shotgun, not rifle. Produce and distribute video content regularly to build your web presence. The more videos you have online, the more likely you are to reach your ideal customers.

2) Think rifle, not shotgun. Personalize your videos. Because of today’s lower production costs, you might consider creating videos for very small audiences, or even individuals. Think of the impact a personalized video could make on a prospective customer you’re trying to win over!

3) Take an unusual approach. If you want people to notice, recall and share your video, it has to be different than the billions of other videos out there. Come up with a unique, funny or cool way to communicate your message or brand personality and your video is more likely to be seen and remembered.

For help with video production, call us at 866/473-9000 or visit the BusinessVoice WebVision page or LobbyVision page for more details.

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