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Too Much Information

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Have you noticed that it takes three minutes for the weather guy on the morning news to tell you that it's going to rain today?

By the time I try to process the excessive information and dizzying array of graphics in the average forecast, I've missed the answer to my simple question: Do I need to wear a coat to work?

So, consider these questions when you're crafting marketing messages.

1) Is the content you're providing visually overwhelming for your audience? Is the copy too long? Do the colors or images or video editing style detract from what you want people to remember?

2) Will your message be presented to a distracted audience? People too busy to notice your TV spot because they're getting the kids ready for school? Drivers passing your digital billboard on a busy stretch of road that requires their attention?

3) Does your audience even want or need the information you're providing? Frankly, I couldn't care less about WHY it's going to be cold tomorrow, just that it is.

I'll admit that my attention span and memory are shrinking by the quart, but also, I don't want to invest a relatively large amount of time to get a simple piece of information, like the hidden phone number on a website.

In an attempt to wow their audience with forecasting technology, TV stations have made it tougher for many of us to get the simple information we need. Don't make the same mistake with your marketing and communications.

As is so often the case, less is more. 

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