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Sunday, 10 April 2016 06:02

Three Posts in One: A Round-Up of Recent Information

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Three Posts in OneFirst, have you heard of Point-of-Entry Marketing?

If not, you might like to know that it's much less wasteful than traditional advertising. It doesn't require you to buy any type of media. (How huge is that?) And it allows you to focus your most important messages on your interested prospects and current customers.

In his new blog post, Mad Ave Group CEO Jerry Brown gives you 10 reasons Point-of-Entry Marketing makes more valuable impressions than outbound marketing. Read it here

Next, every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to strengthen your unique brand identity - unless, of course, you're trying to do it with content that your competitors are using, too.

Believe it or not, there are companies selling that approach to branding and companies that are buying it. Learn how you can avoid that trap in BusinessVoice Director Steve Evert's latest blog post. It's called "Unique Content and a Memorable Caller Experience."  

Finally, if you'd like to start writing humorous or more creative content for your brand, check out this short pre-recorded webinar I presented recently. This abridged version is only 20 minutes long and features insight on how you can be more creative and why creative marketing is so important. I also break down a few examples of humor to show why they are or aren't effective. Listen here

As always, let us know if our team can help you with any aspect of your marketing. Have a great week. 

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