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Monday, 07 April 2014 11:25

The World Needs to Smell Your Brand

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Aroma MarketingWhich of your five senses do you rely on most?

I asked a few people around our office for their thoughts. Eleven of the fourteen said they depend on their sight more than any other sense.  (Three people chose hearing.)

Probably what you'd expect, right? 

And the rest of the world relies just as much on their eyes to gather information. That's why so much marketing and advertising is visual. 

There's no arguing that you need to reach out to consumers in visual and audible ways, but to stand out in this very visual world, you need to create a more complete brand experience - one that engages another powerful sense: smell.

Take a look at this post on our SensoryMax blog. You'll see why using a signature scent to create tighter bonds with your customers is more important than ever. 

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