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Friday, 15 November 2013 10:54

MadAveGroup Wins Pair of 2013 MarCom Awards

MadAveGroup has been recognized once again for "outstanding achievement" in the field of marketing and communications by the 2013 MarCom Awards, an international creative competition that includes entries by media conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.

BusinessVoice, our On Hold Marketing division, received the highest honor - a Platinum MarCom Award - for "Binkelmania," a humorous On Hold Marketing production we created for Binkelman Corporation. (Listen in the video below.)    

We also earned a Gold MarCom Award for a series of three radio spots we created for Spirit Services. (Listen to them in the video below.)

"The radio spots we produce for Spirit are not only designed to encourage a specific response," said VP of Creative Services Scott Greggory, "they support the company's brand identity. We want that audio to sound like what their website and social media channels look like. That way, there's a stronger connection with the brand as people move from the radio to Spirit's online world."

"That's one of the advantages of working with an agency like ours. Radio and TV stations are in the business of production and distribution, not necessarily great content creation. We focus on each client's message, supporting their brand identity, and strengthening the audience's perception of their company in a creative way," said Greggory. "Ours is a consistent and long-term approach." 

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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 21:42

We Won - Without the Electoral College!

Metric_Metals_and_YouTrue, we lost the presidential election – again – but we won several MarCom Awards on Election Day.

The MarCom Awards are presented each year to honor creative excellence among those who are involved in the concept, writing and design of print, visual, audio and web materials and programs.

The BusinessVoice / WebArt teams were honored with a Platinum MarCom Award for our "Metric Metals & You" video campaign. Created for use on the Parker Steel website, the humorous videos are a salute to the educational films of the 1950s. (Watch the winning videos below.) 

For our recent work with Spirit Services we received two Gold MarCom Awards; one for their new website and one for their Facebook page. Both feature a fun retro look and irreverent copy.

We also received an Honorable Mention Award for the new website we designed and built for Buckeye Telesystem.

True, the MarCom Awards don't come with a large white house and a private jet, but we don't have to make nice with Congress, so we figure we got the better deal.

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