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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 14:50

Résumé Tips from MadAveGroup Directors

Resume TipsWe’re growing, so we’re always on the lookout for top talent. That means we see a lot of résumés - and a lot of résumé problems.

So, I called on a few of our agency leaders for their best résumé tips. First, a few of my own.

What Are You Selling? 

When I’m writing marketing copy, I put myself in the audience’s shoes, and consider what they might want in exchange for the time they spend with my content. With your résumé, you’re marketing yourself to employers. So, think about what those people want from an employee.

Study their help wanted ad. Read their website and social pages. What do they value? Can you deliver that? If so, do your résumé and other self-promotional materials make that apparent? Do they make hiring you an easy "buying" decision?

If you include an objective on your résumé, take the time to customize it for the job you’re applying for. I automatically rule out applicants whose objective has nothing to do with our type of work or the position we’re offering.

And sprinkle testimonials about your work and skills throughout your résumé and website. Let your biggest fans speak for you.

It’s All About Presentation

Our Director of Marketing Management April Cochran offers three tips.

“If you’re applying for a marketing job, be creative with your résumé. It should appeal to a hiring team like good marketing would.

“In today’s world, you have to keep your LinkedIn page updated. Include the URL on your résumé and a link to the page on your personal website. If you’re a creative, your website should feature examples of your work.

“And I can’t believe I have to suggest this, but always proof your résumé. It’s amazing how many errors I’ve found over the years.”

Is it Relevant?

“I don’t care that you worked at a car wash or a fast food restaurant while you were in college, unless you can show how those types of jobs relate to the position you’re applying for now. What’s on your résumé should have relevance to where you want to be professionally.” - Nikki Kellers / Director, MadAve Collective

Know What You Want

MadAveGroup CEO Jerry Brown has been hiring for 30 years. He suggests “defining your career goals very specifically, and then going for that type of job. It’s important to be able to show upward movement with each job change. When interviewing with a company, show that you know that company very well, and use your cover letter to explain why they should hire you.”

Show Your Successes

“It’s okay to list your past responsibilities broadly,” said Director of BusinessVoice, Steve Evert. “That information helps me understand what you did in those roles. But, if you want to be noticed, show the objectively measurable successes and accomplishments you’ve had in each of those roles.

“Also, if you held three different positions at one company, make sure the layout of your résumé doesn’t suggest at a quick glance that you worked at three different companies during that time. Employers are often leery of someone who leaves a company every couple of years.”

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Saturday, 17 November 2012 01:03

Four Keys to Great Advertising

Four_Keys_to_Great_AdvertisingFor years, we’ve not only promoted the idea of using marketing channels to distribute valuable information your audience can apply, we’ve done it ourselves – in our Marketing Articles,  our Marketing Minute Videos, and right here on our blog.

Maybe that’s why we love these online ads for the University of Phoenix so much.

Billed as “Resume Tips” and “Interview Tips,” these 15 and 30-second videos provide great advice on how to land a job. But why do they make great advertising? Here are four reasons:

1) They’re Relevant - With the national unemployment rate at 7.9% (in October 2012), there aren’t many messages these days that are more relatable or timely.

2) They Reinforce UP’s Message Without a Hard Sell - Successfully preparing people for careers is a category the University of Phoenix wants to own. And while the only reference to UP is a logo at the very end of each video, the connection between the school and its mission comes across loud and clear - precisely because of the short amount of time the videos spend on “them” and how much time is committed to helping you, the job seeker.

3) They’re Easily Shared - Most of us know someone who needs a job or wants a better job. Simply by sending a link to the University of Phoenix YouTube channel we can share this valuable information with a friend or loved one.

4) They’re Easy to Digest - The copy gets to the point. No fluff. Just a handy takeaway. Combined with the simple (but fun) stick-figure animation, the videos are a pleasure to watch.

Do you agree? If so, think of how you can apply those thoughts to improve your marketing. Give me a call if you want to toss around some ideas - 419/724-7330 - or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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