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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 08:04

Forbes Forum: Brand - Part 3

Brand Building

My series of posts featuring answers to questions posed by the Forbes Agency Council continues. The theme of this article: brand. 

Question: A big part of growing your personal brand includes public speaking. In your experience, what’s one important element that all professionals should incorporate into their speech to make it more memorable and impactful?

Answer: If one of your goals is to build your personal brand, you'll want audience members to look for more of your thoughts after your speech, and then follow you online. So, pack your presentations with engaging content, but keep them shorter, so they feel like just a taste of what you have to offer. That can encourage people to actively seek more of your unique perspective.

Question: Just because a brand isn’t involved with a public-facing crisis doesn’t mean times aren’t tough. What’s one way for a brand to seem authentic even when the company isn’t doing particularly well?

Answer: The best way to "seem" authentic is to BE authentic. When you're always truthful and transparent, you never have to worry about coming clean if something goes wrong. If the things your brand "says" and "does" are legitimate representations of who you are as people, you're acknowledging that "we aren't for everyone," but those who identify with your message are likely to stick by you as customers.

Question: Recent grads are beginning to develop their personal brand to differentiate themselves in the competitive workforce. What’s your top tip for personal branding?

Answer: The part about a personal brand that really matters is the "personal" part. There's only one you, so don't squelch whatever passions burn inside of you. Pursue the work that matters to you, while presenting yourself in your own unique way. You may not be right for everybody, but you're going to be perfect for somebody. Maybe a lot of somebodies. And that's likely where you'll find fulfillment.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 21:02

Define Your Personal Brand

Personal_BrandThe world does not arrive at a perception of your "personal brand" by accident. It's the culmination of all the output you present through your words and actions. Every phone call; every social media post; every presentation you make; they all contribute to your brand image.

So, if you haven't already, consider how you should convey yourself as a businessperson in order to best communicate what you have to offer. Determine which of your qualities are the most important and project them with clarity and consistency.

For instance, are you a creative? Then you might want to make sure that all the images on your Facebook page support your unique style. Develop an expressive blog, and make an effort to spread your unique perspective in conversations with potential clients and the rest of your business network

Are you analytical and consistent? Re-affirm that by using a social media tool to check in at the local park every day for your morning run. Keep emotion out of your business conversations; maybe share your favorite baseball team's weekly stats online.

These suggestions are just the beginning of what you can do to solidify your personal brand in the minds of potential clients. Take the time to define your brand for yourself. Then, allow your actions to validate it in the minds of others.
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