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Thursday, 25 October 2018 16:31

BusinessVoice Wins Three 2018 MarCom Awards

The MarCom Awards recognizes excellence in the world of marketing and communication. In fact, the industry's largest, most prestigious creative firms compete for MarCom recognition.

That's why our MarCom wins and other honors are such an important clue when you're looking for the right marketing agency: those awards reinforce that our work stands up to the best in the marketing world.

In October 2018, we earned a Platinum MarCom Award for one of the humorous On Hold Marketing productions we created for Lakeland Auto and Marine. It features the copywriting and voiceover of Scott Greggory. Chris Zaharias served as Recording Engineer.

Our On Hold Marketing work on behalf of Omega Force won a Gold MarCom Award. Jason Webber wrote the copy. Steve Lovvorn and Amy Scott provided the voiceover. Don Binkley was the Recording Engineer.

We also won an Honorable Mention for Humor On Hold we created for our long-time client, Binkelman. Scott Greggory wrote it. He and Amy Scott were the voices. Chris Zaharias engineered the project.

The MarCom Awards is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, an international organization whose members include thousands of marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, digital and web professionals. 

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Abbey_Road_Crossing_WebcamI have an odd new mini-hobby. I watch people crossing the street. But not just any street.

I recently discovered the Abbey Road Studios website. It includes a real-time feed from a webcam that's trained on the crosswalk The Beatles made famous in 1969 with their Abbey Road album cover

After watching people use this renowned zebra crossing for only a few minutes, I was reminded of a marketing truth: When you create great content, your audience will celebrate it by sharing it, paying homage to it, even living it.

Almost 44 years after the world first saw that iconic image of John, Paul, George and Ringo crossing a London street, people are still stopping in the middle of that street to recreate the Beatles' long strides as a friend snaps their picture. I've seen it happen dozens of times. (Some continue to pose even as waiting drivers honk at them.)

Most of those people weren't even alive when Abbey Road was released, yet that album and its cover are so deeply rooted in our collective culture that, even today, people want to "live a part of the record" and capture their own Beatles experience.

You may never have been to London to walk the 'walk, but you may have added a Seinfeld catchphrase to your permanent vocabulary. Maybe you jumped on the "Whassup" bandwagon after seeing this Budweiser spot. Or perhaps you started wearing skinny ties and throwing cocktail parties after watching Mad Men. If so, you, too, have been affected by great creative content.

You may not be a television producer, and odds are you're not a Beatle, but as a marketer, you still should strive to create content that impacts your audience – and even the entire world – in a deep and lasting way. Give your audience "Something" to love. It's worth the effort.

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