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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 09:40

Seize Opportunities to Stand Out

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Are you saying the same thing everyone else in your industry is saying?

Or are you saying the same thing you've always said, the same way you've always said it?

For decades, flight attendants with all airlines have recited pretty much the same pre-flight safety speech. It's probably fair to say that most passengers have heard it so often that they stopped listening long ago.

Maybe that lack of attention is what inspired the Southwest Airlines flight attendant in the video above to come up with a new way of delivering familiar information.

Not only did she command her passengers' complete attention for a full three minutes, she turned a typically boring presentation into a treat. Any time you can begin a relationship with customers that way, you're off to a good start.

Laughter reduces stress and puts people at ease. When your brand is the source of the laughter, you pull people closer; you're more real, more approachable, more likable. (It's more fun for you, too.)

When creating humorous content for our clients, one thing we do is play with the conventions of advertising - exaggerating or poking fun at those familiar phrases or concepts you might expect to hear in a marketing message. That's exactly what this flight attendant did - to great effect.

Before you can deliver any message effectively, you must first get your audience's attention. The Southwest flight attendant still presented all the facts that other flight attendants do. The difference was that her audience was actually listening and engaged because of the way she did it.

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