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Thursday, 29 December 2016 00:23

2016 Blog Review: A Year's Worth of Marketing Thoughts

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Marketing Blog ReviewThere were four major themes that emerged from our four marketing blogs in 2016.

We invite you to pick a theme that interests you and check out the posts that touch on an aspect of that topic.

Customer Service

In the post “Everyday Effort,” we tell two true stories about unexpectedly good service and remind you that those types of experiences can lead to lifelong connections with your brand. 

We also asked if you're “Short-Sighted When It Comes to Service.” Recounting a true story again, we asked you to consider 1) the long-term effect of impatience on your business and 2) the importance of accepting people where they are in the buying cycle. 

If your sales team relies on outbound calling to create awareness or generate interest in your company, please read “Is Your Calling Style Costing You?” 

And while you're thinking about the impact your phones can have on your business, take a look at “Why Telephone Etiquette Is Worth the Investment.” 

You'll also find many posts about creating a great caller experience in our blog “The Director's Cut.” Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice


With our BusinessVoice clients especially, we emphasize the tremendous potential in humorous content. “The Value of Unexpected Humor” provides one powerful example of how a funny approach generated huge awareness and millions of earned media impressions, all while defining the unique benefit of the “product.” 

In the post “Lighten Up! Your Customers Will Like You For It,” we extol the virtues of poking fun at your own brand and share a video sample of how we do it to ourselves. 

Most people know what to expect when they're placed on hold. Not much, typically. That's why treating them to “An Unexpected Caller Experience” featuring Humor On Hold can be so fun for them and so valuable for you. 

Need a few more reasons to incorporate humor into your marketing content? Read “Why You Should Risk Being Funny.” 


Maintaining your personal and brand values in our modern business environment can be tough. But it can also serve as a defining characteristic that helps you stand above competitors. This post - “Are You Too Chicken to Stay True to Your Values” - was our most popular of 2016. 

In “The Best Policy,” we remind you why honesty - yes, even in marketing - is crucial to building trust with your customers. 

Business Values
Marketing Content

No matter what type of content you're creating or for which channel, read “Too Much Information.” It includes three sets of questions to consider before you get to work on new content. 

Our post “Writing On Hold Marketing Content: Creativity, Humor and Focus” includes abbreviated audio from a webinar of the same name. It's information that you can apply to other channels as well. 

You might enjoy these posts as well:

“When You Run with Dogs Good Things Can Happen.” The takeaway: do what's important to you. 

“Here's to Revolutionary Ideas.” I hope this one inspires you to ask “what if...?”

“The Cleveland Cavaliers and Your Customers' Brand Loyalty.” If this take on the Cavs doesn't convince you that you can build a passionate fan base, you're doomed. 

“Are You a Marketing Lemming?” Ask yourself: are you doing what everyone else is doing? If so, why? 

“The Reason You Need Marketing Every Day.” Sure, it's a bit embarrassing, but I'll cop to a mistake like this every day of the week if it means I can share a good lesson as a result.

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