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Need Creative Talent? Are You Creative Talent?

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The Mad Ave Collective

We're working on a new way to bring creative talent and business together. It's called The Mad Ave Collective, and whether your company needs freelance creative talent or you are a creative professional, you can benefit. 

The Collective works two ways - as a physical space and as an online showcase.

The Space

On-site members of The Mad Ave Collective lease very affordable space in a newly renovated floor at 1600 Madison Avenue in Toledo's UpTown District. It's an open-concept design with shared conference / presentation rooms, as well as available private offices.

When you work out of The Collective, you'll have three sources of job opportunities:

1) Overflow work from the agencies of Madison Avenue Marketing Group. (We're just a couple floors upstairs.)

2) Jobs posted on The Collective website.

3) Collaborative work with other members of The Collective.

On-site members of The Mad Ave Collective also get:

  • A very affordable workspace with a short-term commitment
  • Private spaces for phone calls and meetings
  • A professional address where you can present to clients and prospects
  • Free admission to the monthly speakers series
  • Networking and social opportunities with other members of The Collective

The Website

Even if you don't live near Toledo's historic UpTown District, you can still join The Mad Ave Collective as an online member. That will entitle you to present your profile and portfolio to potential clients and other creatives who may want to collaborate with you on projects. 

Need to Hire Freelance Creative Talent?

You'll be able to look through profiles and portfolios of all The Collective members and chose the creatives you want based on their past work, their ratings and other factors. It'll be an easy way to find the skills and talent you need quickly without committing to the time and expense of a full-blown hiring process.

Take a look at the video below to see the new space in its early stages. We're almost ready to open, so give us a call to reserve your space: 419/473-9000, or check our blog, News section and Facebook page often for the latest updates on The Mad Ave Collective.  

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