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Monday, 09 June 2014 14:28

Don't Make People Hide from Your Advertising

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Dont make people hideWhen people say "I hate advertising," they don't mean it.

How do I know?

No one hates to be given unique information they can really use.

No one hates having their eyes opened in an unexpected way.

No one hates the feeling that someone identifies with - and can solve - their problem.

No one hates laughing or being moved emotionally.

And no one even hates spending a little time in exchange for true value.

Good advertising and marketing deliver many or all of those benefits.

When people say "I hate advertising," what they really mean is "I hate bad advertising."

So, don't settle for bad advertising - the type people turn away from or merely tolerate. Your brand is too important to attach careless phrases and images to it, and too valuable not to put intelligent thought into how it's presented.

Demand more. Hold out for better. It'll be worth it.

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