Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


8% increase in total invoice count over 2 years. Increased average # of cars per day per location by 3 cars. 10% increase in average # of new customers coming into stores from 2015 to 2017. 6.37% increase in total revenue generated 2015 to 2017. 6% increase in website traffic. 38% increase in online appointments generated. 24% increase in total call volume and 26% increase in unique call volume.

Company Info

  • Chain of tire and full-service auto service stores
  • Founded in 1987
  • 30 locations surrounding Los Angeles, CA
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Carries more than a dozen tire brands, although primarily a Goodyear dealer
  • The tagline we developed for them: “Our family cares for your family’s cars.”
  • Focused on creating the “WOW Experience” and encouraging referrals to family and friends

Audience / Competition

  • Current customer demographic: male and female vehicle owners, skewing toward the older generation; 60% of customers are women, so MVT maintains their certification and female-friendly environment
  • Competitors: America’s Tires / Discount Tire, Tire Rack, dealerships
  • External influences: factory warranty / recall work; perception of right to repair; high number of state-specific regulations; inability to control costs of tires/parts

Marketing Shortcomings

  • Uncertainty of marketing ROI
  • Inconsistent customer experience
  • Lack of customer awareness of MVT’s auto repair services
  • Lack of brand clarity between MVT and Goodyear
  • Inadequate web presence


  • Increase monthly invoice count to 18,000
  • Secure sales increase without negatively impacting the bottom line
  • Build customer loyalty / repeat business
  • Create awareness of all services offered
  • Create consistent marketing across all channels
  • Position website as a resource for tire and automotive service-related information, including robust product search functionality
  • Increase online appointments / estimates and phone calls to web-exclusive numbers
  • Create an online presence that accurately reflects the brand identity

Recommendations / Actions

  • Improve brand awareness / recognition / consistency through:
    • Creation of a brand standard guidelines
    • Location re-vamps 
    • New look and feel for advertising
  • Delineate between the MVT and Goodyear brands
  • Focus on new customer growth, especially targeting the younger demographic (25-34) and those with families
  • Increase and expand current customer base’s use of services through:
    • MVT-branded targeted marketing
    • In-store marketing
    • On Hold Marketing programs
  • Deploy a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, including:
    • SEO
    • Display and re-marketing ads
    • Social media
  • Assess current marketing tactics and define ways to track / measure / analyze ad spend and adjust where necessary
  • Continue direct response marketing, such as Valpak; discontinue directory marketing, such as
  • Build new website with strong calls to action: book appointment, estimate request, call, download coupons
  • Increase PR opportunities, including industry press and focus on content on website and social media
  • Integrate all marketing tactics to create unified and seamless experience for the customer

Promotional Campaign Example

Presidents' Day Campaign

Mad Ave Group developed an entire campaign around the Presidents’ Day sale and helped spread the word about the event. We hired an Abe Lincoln impersonator to visit a store and created a promotional video that played on social media and the MVT website. 

Results from Presidents’ Day Tire Sale:

9.8% increase in sales (compared to Presidents’ Day Sale 2017). 27% increase in service revenue. .3% increase in invoices.