Partners & Affiliates

B2C Enterprises

b2cB2C Enterprises - Using both traditional and new media, B2C Enterprises helps companies and organizations position their brands in the marketplace. The firm provides advertising services, business development, media negotiation, website development and search engine marketing.

Keep Toledo Creative

KTCKeep Toledo Creative - This ongoing effort is designed to cultivate local creative talent and attract out-of-town talent in order to help them build successful marketing and advertising careers in our hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

Customer Experience Marketing Alliance (CEMA)

cemaCustomer Experience Marketing Alliance (CEMA) - In 2012, MadAveGroup joined with like-minded international agencies to make it easier for companies anywhere in the world to receive point-of-contact marketing services. The resulting network - CEMA - allows for seamless application of all member services around the globe. CEMA supplies clients with the tools, services and expertise they need to differentiate themselves and provide their customers with dynamic branded experiences.

American Advertising Federation (AAF)

American aafAdvertising Federation (AAF) - The industry's oldest trade association, the AAF works to protect and promote the well-being of advertising: encouraging creative business solutions, educating members, honoring excellence in advertising, and addressing community concerns.

Over the years, MadAveGroup team members have contributed their time and talent to our local AAF chapter. CEO Jerry Brown and SensoryMax Director Michael Seay have both served as President and ADDY Chair. VP of Creative Services Scott Greggory often provides creative content for the ADDY Awards ceremony. And both Jerry Brown and d2i Chief Branding Officer Terry Lesniewicz have been awarded the organization’s highest honor, The Silver Medal Award.

Experience Marketing Association (EMA)

OHMA - On Hold Messaging AssociationExperience Marketing Association (EMA) - This organization of On Hold Messaging providers was founded with the following goals in mind:

  • Expand awareness of the On Hold Messaging industry.
  • Promote ethical and professional business practices.
  • Assist On Hold Messaging agencies with the development of their businesses.
  • Enhance the relationship between member agencies and their clients through education, self-regulation, and service and support excellence.

BusinessVoice, our On Hold Marketing agency, has been a pioneering member of OHMA since its founding in 2001. As one of the more influential participants, we’ve helped lead the organization both by example and through elected offices. MadAveGroup CEO Jerry Brown has served as the organization’s Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Marketing Chair, and BusinessVoice Director Steve Evert now serves on OHMA's Board of Directors.


premierPremier - The UK's leading Sensory Marketing agency, Premier Business Audio is a point-of-contact specialist in on-site, over-the-phone, and website solutions. Since 1996, they've been providing clients at home and abroad with exceptional services, from website presenters and fragrance marketing, to On Hold Messaging and call center recordings. Premier ensures a memorable and satisfying experience for customers whenever - and however - they approach your business.

Sensory Experiences Group

Sensory Experiences Group - Asia's leading Sensory Marketing agency has delivered unique over-the-phone and on-site services to clients across the continent since 1998. They provide clients access to more than five million copyrighted musical works, plus effective fragrance solutions that encourage customers to stay longer and spend more. Equal Strategy takes the business, retail and guest experience to a higher level.

Scent Marketing Association (SMA)

Scent Marketing Institute - The leading authority on scent-supported marketing.Scent Marketing Association (SMA) - SMI is a global not-for-profit organization for marketers, fragrance houses, and solution providers that specialize in scent and sensory marketing. The group named SensoryMax the 2014 Scent Marketer of the Year.

SMI works to provide its members with opportunities to grow their businesses, connect members with leading companies in the field, and expand the knowledge and use of scent marketing worldwide.

The Institute is dedicated to:

  • Educating the public, government entities and companies about the benefits and applications of using scent in marketing.
  • Disseminating information about safety and best practices.
  • Enhancing members’ knowledge and expertise through professional development and industry-specific education.
  • Supporting members in successful sales interactions with potential clients and key contacts in the industry.
  • Creating a vital interactive global scent marketing community.
Pinnacle Performance Training

Pinnacle Performance Training - For more than 25 years, Steve Ferrante has maintained a successful career in sales, sales management and sales training. He is also the producer of Pinnacle Performance Training, a nationally acclaimed program that teaches businesspeople how to improve customer relations, achieve greater sales results, and build a corporate culture like that of a winning team.

Steve is a dynamic, engaging and entertaining speaker who has been featured at conferences and conventions across North America. His program has helped people in hundreds of corporations and associations in a variety of industries.

Steve is also a contributing editor for the "Selling Smart" section of Tire Review magazine, as well its sister publication, Shop Owner.