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A Word of Encouragement in the Face of COVID-19

Written by Jerry Brown, Chief Executive Officer
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These last few weeks have been very stressful. The world is dealing with a catastrophe we don’t know how to fix. And we don’t know when we’ll find the solution.

While many businesses can do well in a booming economy, only innovative firms with sound strategic plans for stability and growth survive times of turmoil, and only the nimblest of those prosper. This moment in time will test your company.

But we’ve been here before: the disaster of September 11th; the recession of 2008-2009.

COVID 19As a businessperson, you’ve solved many tough problems. That’s why most of us know we’re going to overcome this current adversity. We’ve had to divert our course before. And we have faith that we’re going to figure out how to deal with this; how to keep our families and employees safe; how to recover from the financial loss; how to learn from it all and better prepare for the next challenge.

And, of course, in all situations, we look for opportunities; the chance to grow, to improve, to make a difference.

Your initial reaction might be to hunker down, stay low and try to ride out the storm. But remember, companies that continue to market and strategically position themselves during the toughest economic times emerge stronger than companies that don’t stay in front of their audience.

Now is the time to develop creative solutions that provide more value for your customers. It’s the time to improve communication, not hide. MadAveGroup can help you with that.

We’ve been creating video, audio and digital content for many of our clients so they can share their response to the coronavirus crisis. We’ve also prepared several blog posts with tips on how you can adjust your marketing strategies and content for this unique environment. Here are the links: 

And we’re providing the strategic guidance and tactical execution that will help you rebound when this outbreak subsides and emerge prepared for success.

For 30 years, we’ve been working to help our clients grow. We have no plans to stop now.

This will pass and we’ll all be stronger for having been through it.

Stay well. 

Jerry Brown, Founder & CEO

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